Coalition planes drop food, medical supplies in besieged Taiz

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Abdullah al-Rabiah, supervisor-general of the King Salman Center for Humanitarian Aid and Relief, revealed that Saudi Arabia is distributing aid throughout Yemen, including the areas controlled by Houthi militias.

Regarding Taiz that is besieged by Houthi and Saleh militias, Rabiah said that the center used coalition planes to drop medicines and food supplies to keep the four main hospitals functioning. He said that sometimes animals were used to transport aid.

In a related context, the Yemeni government has called on the United Nations to provide relief aid through the port of Aden, specifically those allocated to the province of Taiz.

The Yemeni government also confirmed that it has worked on safe alternatives whether by sea or by land, for the delivery of relief supplies. The passages are as follow:

Port of Aden

At the port of Aden there are 4 quays that can receive large shipments and ships. The 4 quays are:

- Al-Mualla Commercial Quay.

- The Containers Terminal Quay at the Free Zone.

- Al-Bariqa oil quay in the north-west of Aden, which received the first shipments of relief from the coalition countries sent to Aden and neighboring provinces after the defeat of the militias.

- Al-Tawahi tourist quay, which can receive large quantities of relief materials.

These four quays are connected to the port of Aden by a road network that is linked to most provinces, the closest of which are Lahij, Abyan, Taiz, al-Dhale and al-Baida up to Sanaa.

Port of Mukalla in Hadramout

The commercial port of Mukalla in Hadramout is a vital sea outlet through which relief supplies can be delivered to the eastern provinces of Yemen, namely Mahrah, Hadramout and Shabwah.

Al-Mocha port west of Taiz

The port of Mocha in the west of Taiz overlooks the Red Sea and is being rehabilitated by the Coalition countries to receive relief goods and products. It is administratively linked to Taiz.

Al-Jaf port in Marib

The authorities have recently announced that the work in the Jaf port in the province of Marib is in progress. It will be able to receive aid coming by land from Saudi Arabia and send it to the northern and western provinces that are still under the control of the militias.

These alternatives represent practical solutions suggested by the Yemeni government to relief organizations, to ensure that relief and aid can reach all regions in Yemen and prevent militias from seizing or confiscating these aids.