Saudi women no longer need male guardian consents to receive services

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Saudi King Salman has issued an order, which will free women from having to obtain a consent from their male guardians in order to receive services.

The change, however, should not contradict the Islamic sharia, the order said.


Saudi media outlets said that the new order includes as well the mobility to work places, unless there is a legal basis in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

Saudi women has long needed the permission from their mahram - a male relative who it would be unacceptable to marry such as brother or father - to travel outside the country, accompany them to verify their identity at government institutes or file a police complaint.

The king required all governmental organizations to squeeze their workflow based on to the new change, and to identify all requirements that include the guardian’s approval as a condition to complete any action or obtain any service.

The king also demanded the lifting of the male guardianship within three months and required government institutes to make the order public on their official websites.

In addition, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development is required to provide the means of transportation for women workers, depending on the available resources and in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law.

The order came after the approval of proposals by the Saudi Council of Ministers to find solutions pertaining to women’s rights.

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