Saudi who named his newborn Ivanka sets off US media buzz

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Salem al-Enezi, the Saudi man who had named his newborn Ivanka after the daughter of American President Donald Trump said he had to change the name in compliance with the system.

Enezi told Al-Arabiya.net that if he was allowed to register his daughter’s name as Ivanka, he would have unhesitatingly done so.

He also said that he does not know who published his child’s information at the hospital, adding that he did not call his baby Ivanka because he wanted to be famous or appear in the media.

Enezi added that everything escalated very quickly and he was contacted by American dailies such as The Washington Post.

Wife's approval

Asked if his wife approved of the name Ivanka, Enezi said she was convinced of the name and that she does not have a problem with his admiration towards Ivanka Trump, adding that if his wife finds a woman as beautiful as Ivanka, she will ask for her hand for him.

He also said that many clerics and religious scholars called him and criticized him for naming his daughter Ivanka so he told them that Prophet Mohammed married Safiya whose father was Jewish, adding that he thus repelled evil by a deed which is better.

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