Yemen: Houthis ‘planned to starve’ detainees during Ramadan

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The mothers of the kidnapped Yemenis alleged that the Houthi militants and forces loyal to ousted Ali Abdullah Saleh intend to starve detainees during Ramadan.

The Association of Mothers of the Kidnapped launched a rescue call to members of the Human Rights Council at its 35th session being currently held in Geneva, to save their sons from death in militia prisons and to use all legal and humanitarian means to release them.

The mothers protested outside the headquarters of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Sanaa, condemning the starvation of their kidnapped children in militia prisons by hitting “spoons and empty dishes,” referring to the deteriorating health and inhumane conditions of their kidnapped children.

Prohibition of allowing food for fasting people

“The Houthis have prevented them from visiting their children for more than a month, and they are also preventing the entry of food and drink to them, even though all the kidnapped are fasting,” according to a statement issued by the mothers.

In the statement, the mothers condemned the inability of many international and local human rights organizations to relieve the suffering of their children and their failure to get them released in order to save their life from danger and death.

They also criticized the inability of these organizations to visit some of the prisons to witness the inhumane conditions of the kidnapped.

“They are only monitoring and documenting and playing the role of weak mediator without the establishment of a practical mechanism to pressure the Houthi and Saleh militants to release the kidnapped and the forcibly hidden to ensure their safety,” the statement said.

The statement repeated the mother’s sole and fundamental demand for the release all their kidnapped children.

The Association of Mothers of the Kidnapped have held frequent protests in the capital Sanaa since more than two years ago, demanding the militias to release their children.

The kidnapped are said to be tortured by the militias who have also thrown thousands of politicians, activists, journalists and citizens opposing their coup since 2014 into captivity.