Egypt accuses Qatar of funding terrorists in Libya at the UN Security Council

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Egypt urged the UN Security Council to document repeated violations by some countries, especially Qatar, of the sanctions imposed on Libya.

The request was made during a meeting held at the United Nations headquarters in New York on the “Challenges of Combating Terrorism in Libya” where Egypt’s Assistant Foreign Minister Tariq stressed on the following measures regarding Libya:-

1- Reach political reconciliation in Libya
2- Intensify the effort of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) in monitoring and implementing the political agreement.
3- Strengthen the cooperation and coordination between Libyan sanctions committee and, ISIS and al-Qaeda sanctions committee
4- Lift the arms embargo imposed on the Libyan national army

Al-Qooni said that Qatar and another country in the region are supporting the extremist groups in Libya.

Colonel Ahmed al-Mesmari
Colonel Ahmed al-Mesmari

Egypt UN ambassador Omar Abu al-Atta said that terrorism is the main challenge affecting Libya’s stability, and its negative impact extends to neighboring countries and the region as a whole.

Abu al-Atta added that terrorism is increasing in Libya, since the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is inviting foreign fighters to go to Libya instead of Syria and Iraq.

The Libyan delegation requested the following measure be taken by the international community:-

1- To support and provide Libyan bodies with weapons needed to combat terrorism
2- To provide Libya with devices to monitor borders and control foreign fighters
3- To implement the Security Council’s resolution 2178 that prevents the entrance of fighters and weapons to Libya
4- To increase coordination between Libya and other countries to track arms trade
5- To prepare reports that provide detailed information about each weapon entering Libya

Qatar’s representative said that its country is keen to eliminate terrorism, which troubles Qatar.

He claimed that the experts’ multiple reports do not indicate Doha’s involvement in any violation of the Security Council resolutions or any activities that threaten Libya’s stability.

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