Human rights report refutes Qatar’s ‘blockade’ claims

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A report released by the Arab Federation for Human Rights has refuted the claims made by the Qatari Human Rights Committee.

The Geneva-based Arab Federation reiterated the commitment of the boycotting countries toward global human rights laws and principles and stressed that the conditions of the blockade “do not apply to the country’s situation.”

The Arab Federation for Human Rights accused Qatar of exploiting the principles of international human rights for political purposes in its conflict with its neighbors.

One of the most prominent flaws in the report of the federation was Qatar’s attempt to confuse the boycott decision, that is a sovereign diplomatic right of any state, and the decision to blockade that can only be taken by the Security Council against a country in order to isolate it, as was the case with Iraq, Libya or North Korea.

The report gave an example recalling the step taken by Washington to ban the entry of the citizens of several countries to the US in recognition of their sovereign right.

On the social and family side, the report of the Arab Federation for Human Rights refuted the allegations made by Qatar’s National Human Rights Committee, pointing out that the boycotting countries have taken necessary measures to prevent harming the interests of the Gulf families, by issuing directives to deal with the families at the border crossings with Qatar in a humane manner.

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