UAE official: We have more evidence of Doha's support for terrorism

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The UAE has confirmed that conclusive evidence of Doha's support for terrorism is available.

In an interview with The Times UK, UAE Ambassador to Russia Omar Ghobash said that the Gulf States have plenty of evidence regarding Qatar's involvement in supporting terrorism.

Ghobash stated that the list issued of 59 individuals and 12 organizations already links Qatar to terrorism and that the Gulf countries have further evidence, but they chose not to reveal more to the public, published Al Arabiya.

He added that sharing more evidence might be very dangerous at this point as there are other names, more organizations, and recordings that demonstrate links between the Qatari government and extremist organizations.

The UAE ambassador pointed that countries such as Britain should choose either to deal with the Gulf Cooperation Council or with Qatar, but not both sides.

He said that governments will have to choose between doing business with a country that has an extremist agenda, or work with people who want to reconstruct the Middle East.

Ghobash also described the Qatari funds invested in Britain as "tainted with blood".

He pointed out that the funds generated by Qatari assets in Britain went directly to finance extremist groups in the Middle East, including those that threatened the West.

He added that investments made by Qatar generate returns in the UK that go to extremist groups in Libya, Iraq and Syria, Al Arabiya reported.

Five British banks suspended dealing in Qatari riyals on Friday. These British banks are Tesco, Barclays, Lloyds, Bank of Scotland and Halifax.

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