Yemeni army advances towards Sanaa through Sirwah gate

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The Arab coalition forces managed to reach the road linking Sirwah to Sanaa governorate and confirmed that the national army is blocking the road, reported Al Arabiya on Tuesday.

Yemeni National Army and Popular Resistance forces succeeded in advancing towards the first areas of Sanaa from the direction of the Directorate of Sirwah in Marib, after clashes with the Houthi militias.

A military source stated that the Yemeni forces crossed areas between the governorates of Marib and Sanaa and reached areas in the Directorate of Khawlan east of Sanaa.

The line between Sirwah and Sanaa also came under the army’s line of fire.

Houthis admitted to the killing of four commanders of the Khawlan tribe in the Sirwah front. Those who were killed were:

Mohammed Saleh al-Bardah, Ali bin Ali Ahmed Mohammed al-Assaily, known as Abu Najib, and Hazem Saleh al-Bardah, known as Abu Saleh, and Noah Muhammad Ahmad Ali al-Bardah, referred to as Abu Sam.

The killing of these tribal commanders in the ranks of the militias was covered with secrecy and some corpses were left behind causing a drop in the morale of the Houthi militants at the fronts. The tribes, as a result, withheld their family members from joining the Houthis.

The Houthi militias adopted a policy of secrecy with regard to their human losses on various fronts, to preserve the morale of their militants and to reduce the state of mass escapes that took place on more than one front, particularly Sirwah in the western province of Marib.

The Houthis resorted to mass executions of fighters who fled in Al Mokhadara, according to the recent announcement of the Chief of Staff of Yemen, Muhammad Ali al-Maqdisi, when they suffered heavy casualties.