Mashair train to transport half a million pilgrims to Mecca

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Mashair train will serve pilgrims during the annual Hajj rituals to facilitate their transitions in Mecca.

The train is expected to transport about half a million passengers, in addition to half a million pilgrims during the period of “Tashreeq” only which marks the peak of the traffic.

More than 1,000 trips, and 17 trains will operate during the pilgrimage season with more than 200 carriages.

The trains are run by 20,000 operators from different departments and specialties, which are deployed in nine stations along its trips - three of them being in Arafat, Muzdalifa and Mina.

The train operating team will handle sorting and organizing the movement of pilgrims on the paths leading to the gates of the train stations.

They will sort tickets at the train gates, organize the pilgrims' movement down the train stations, and ease their way up to the platforms.

Saudi Railway Organization (SRO) also provide Haramain high-speed train service to facilitate commuting between Jeddah to Medina within 90 mins.

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