Ould Sheikh Ahmed: Military option will not solve the Yemeni crisis

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The UN envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Sheikh Ahmed said in his statements in Tehran that the military option to the Yemeni crisis is not a solution, and that the peaceful solution is the only solution.

Commenting on the visit of Ould Sheikh Ahmed to Iran, Houthi leader Mohammed al-Bekhiti said that it aims to seek legitimacy to allow him to continue his mission, accusing him of not being objective and biased towards the alliance.

Tehran was the fourth stop of the UN envoy to Yemen, without the emergence of any new feature or penetration for the crisis.

Ould Sheikh Ahmed went to Tehran in order to get Iranian pressure to push the Houthi militias to respond to peace efforts.

While the indicators are indicating the opposite, as the Houthi leaders are still launching criticizing campaigns against Ould Sheikh Ahmed.

Mohammad al-Bekhiti, a member of the political council of al-Houthi militias, commented on the visit of the UN envoy to Iran by saying that he went to Tehran to seek legitimacy to continue his mission and renewed his accusation for Ould Sheikh Ahmed of bias towards the Arab alliance stressing that they cut off communication with him.

The UN envoy said in Tehran that the military option is not a solution to the Yemeni crisis, and that a peaceful solution is the only solution.

Meanwhile, Yemeni officials have revealed that the Houthis blocked China's efforts to restore the UN envoy's communication with the coup in Sana’a.

Yemeni Foreign Minister Abdulmalik al-Makhlafi revealed that the Houthis have foiled the efforts of the Chinese ambassador in Yemen to manage the communication with Ould Sheikh Ahmed. Al-Makhlafi explained that the Houthis retreated and refused to continue the role of China in this mission.

Yemeni sources reported that the UN envoy's tour included Sana’a, but the Houthis refused to receive him, but Ould Sheikh Ahmed denied that and said he did not yet decided to go to Sana’a.