Saudi Arabia affirms it has never requested Iranian mediation

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A Saudi official on Wednesday said that the Kingdom has never requested Iranian mediation in its affairs.

Any news that says otherwise is false, he added.

According to an SPA report, the official said: “Saudi Arabia affirms its strong stance which rejects any association in any shape or form with the Iranian regime which spreads terrorism and extremism in the region and internationally, and interferes in other countries’ matters.”

Iran negotiations

He continued noting that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia “sees that negotiations are not possible with current Iranian system after time has shown that it is one that doesn’t respect rules, diplomatic norms and the principles of diplomatic relations.”

“It is a system that continues to lie and distorts facts. The Kingdom affirms the dangers of the Iranian regime and its hostile tendencies towards international peace and stability, he added.”

The Kingdom, he said, “calls upon all countries of the world to work towards deterring the Iranian regime from its aggressive actions and to compel it to comply with international law, United Nations resolutions and diplomatic regulations and customs.”

False statements

Earlier, statements attributed to the Iraqi Minister of Interior, Qassem al-Aaragi, claimed that the Kingdom had asked the Iraqi Prime Minister, Haydar al-Aabadi, during his visit to Saudi Arabia to mediate with Iran.

However, Aaragi issued another statement proclaiming the statements were false. Speaking to Al Sumaria News website, he said: “Saudi Arabia did not ask Aabadi to mediate between them and Iran,” said a report they published on Monday.

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