Emirati Islamist exposes Qatar’s plans to destabilize the UAE

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A former member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s chapter in the United Arab Emirates has revealed both the moral and financial support Qatar has given the outlawed group that sought to undermine the security and stability of the country.

Isa Khalifa Al Suwaidi confessed of Qatar’s involvement in the organization’s secret meetings and the numerous donations Doha has made to support the banned Islamist members in the UAE.

His confessions were broadcasted on local UAE television channels on Friday during a 30-minute episode of the hit documentary, “Qatar’s terrorism support files”.

Al Suwaidi is a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood who was a senior member of the organization’s “Majlis Shura Al Jama’a,” or the advisory board.

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He spoke in great detail about Qatar’s support for questionable organizations with direct and indirect links to international groups that are active in training youths, including Emiratis, to destabilize security in their respective countries.

The documentary also showed a video of a fugitive Emirati member of the secret organization while addressing a training course to incite the trainees to act against the UAE and its symbols, and who called for “changing the regime in the UAE, or toppling it.”

Al Suwaidi also referred to a Qatari national, Mahmoud Al Jaidah, who acted as the Qatari government’s liaison in providing financial and moral support to the fugitives in Doha. He dismissed Al Jaidah’s claims that he was tortured while serving his sentence in the UAE, adding that he received excellent treatment, and was allowed to call his family and meet with the Qatari Ambassador to the UAE.

Al Jaidah was found guilty in the secret organization case and was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment and deportation after serving his term. He was later pardoned and released, but after arriving in Doha, he alleged that he was ill-treated and was denied visits by his relatives.