Gargash: Qatar undermining chances for a solution

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UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash has said that Doha is undermining chances for a solution to the ongoing conflict.

“Managing the crisis by burning bridges, wasting sovereignty and escaping forward deepened Qatar’s crisis and undermined whatever is left of mediators’ chances (to reach a solution),” Gargash said on Twitter.

“The wisdom we’ve hoped for is completely absent,” he added. Gargash also criticized Qatar’s mismanagement of the crisis and said its approach mainly focused on making media gains, lacked a strategic dimension and did not look after the interest of the country and its people.

Ambition and reality

“Qatar’s management of its crisis should have balanced between Doha’s ambition, its reality and geographic location as a Gulf state. These are basics (which Doha) completely missed during the current crisis,” he said.

Gargash added that it would have been wiser for Doha to seriously deal with the concerns of surrounding countries to resolve the crisis but instead it escalated the crisis by making statements about orientations it had hidden regarding Yemen or Iran.

He also said that Qatar’s crisis was expected and “inevitable,” adding that Doha’s orientations caused it and its mismanagement prolongs it and deepens it.

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