Yemen’s Saleh makes first public appearance since clashes with Houthis

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Ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh made a public appearance in Sanaa and participated in the funeral of Khaled al-Razi whom Houthis killed in Saturday’s clashes.

Saleh called for investigating the murder and arresting the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, Adel al-Shojaa, a member of Saleh’s Party, the General People’s Congress, slammed the Houthis and said they resemble ISIS in the way they practice terrorism and behave like gangs, adding that the Houthi movement is a cancerous phenomenon that must be eliminated.

This is Saleh’s first public appearance since Saturday’s clashes between Houthi gunmen and his loyalists.

Saleh said that at the night when the clashes erupted, Houthi gunmen searched his son’s car Salah at a security checkpoint although he identified himself, adding that they opened fire on the car.

The situation is still tense in Sanaa as both parties seem to be lurking for one another.

Houthi militias have stalled removing the checkpoints they recently set.
Although Houthis and Saleh loyalists agreed to ease tensions, some observers think that Houthis do not commit to their vows.

Saleh’s party has reiterated that for its alliance with the Houthis to continue the Houthis’ revolutionary committees must be withdrawn from all governmental institutions and departments so Bin Habtoor’s government can do its job.