Qatar’s Abdullah al-Thani ‘disheartened by what happened after Qatar-Saudi call’

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Qatar's Sheikh Abdullah al-Thani expressed his happiness on Twitter for having Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, call Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to solve an ongoing rift between Qatar and the Arab quartet.

But he continued saying that he was “upset about what happened after the phone call.”

During the phone call, the Emir of Qatar expressed his interest to discuss the demands of the four countries towards ensuring the best interest of all states involved.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman welcomed Sheikh Tamim’s will to sit and initiate talks towards a resolution to Qatar crisis.

"During the call, the Emir of Qatar expressed his desire to sit at the dialogue table and discuss the demands of the four countries to ensure the interests of all," Saudi state news agency SPA reported.

False news

However, after the Qatari News Agency published information claiming that it was the Crown Prince who had initiated the call to Sheikh Tamim, everything changed.

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The Saudi Foreign Ministry said that Qatar News Agency's statement continued to distort facts. Saudi Arabia announced in a statement that it will not agree on starting a dialogue with Qatar until the release of an official statement clarifying its position.

A Saudi official in the Foreign Ministry said that what Qatar News Agency published does not have any relevance to the truth, and that its statement is a continuation of the distortion of facts by the Qatari authority.

Saudi Arabia declared that no dialogue or communication will take place with Qatar authorities until a clear statement confirming its position is made public, and that Qatar's statements are in agreement with its obligations.