Qatari pilgrim arrested after reciting poetry praising Saudi Arabia

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Qatari authorities have reportedly arrested Qatari poet Breek Bin Hadi al-Marri while he was returning from Saudi Arabia after performing the Hajj pilgrimage.

As per what was published on the social network sites, activists have said that al-Marri was arrested and being held incommunicado without direct access or communication with his relatives and lawyers.

Many users on Twitter have also said that al-Marri was likely arrested because of interviews he gave while he was in Saudi Arabia and which aired on several Saudi networks in which he praised the efforts of Saudi organizers during this year’s Hajj season.
Others pointed out that Marri might have also been arrested after he posted two poetry verses on Twitter that praised Saudi Arabia.

During an interview with Al Arabiya News Channel during the Hajj, the poet thanked the government of Saudi Arabia and its people for the hospitality in welcoming Qatari pilgrims.

His arrest comes just days after several human rights centers in the Gulf condemend the treatment and arrest of Hamad al-Marri. A recent video of him being allegedly captured and assaulted in the middle of the desert was proven to have been staged by employees from Qatar’s interior ministry.

The Qatari poet was among 1,340 Qataris who crossed al-Salwa border, which had been opened specifically to facilitate Hajj pilgrims this year despite an ongoing diplomatic and economic boycott between both countries.

He said that the Qatari pilgrims experienced nothing but generosity, courtesy and support from the Saudi authorities since they crossed the port.

The Qatari Hajj pilgrim rejected the attempts to politicize Hajj as it is a religious rite that should not be linked to any of the political issues, praising the services and the great urban developments he witnessed in many of the places he has visited during his journey.

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