Qatar describes Iran as ‘honorable’, Saudi Arabia says ‘good luck’

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The 148th Foreign Ministers’ ordinary session at the Arab League Council’s inauguration, today, Tuesday, September 13, was not a peaceful juncture.

The Qatari Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Sultan bin Saad al- Marikhi, provoked the four boycotting countries with his statements.

Marikhi justified Qatar’s relations with Iran referring to it as “an honorable country.”

The minister continued addressing the Arab quartet’s delegation and representatives saying: “If you think that you are harming us, [know that] the damage is on the entire Arabian Gulf.”

148th ordinary session of the Arab League's council
148th ordinary session of the Arab League's council

Regret is near

Responding to Marikhi, Saudi Ambassador to Egypt and delegate to the League of Arab States, Ahmed Kattan, said Qatar will regret its relations with Iran, referring to the Iranian conspiracy against the Gulf states.

Kattan continued saying: “Qatar’s delegate says Iran is an honorable country! By God this is a spectacle! Iran, a state which conspired against Gulf states, has spy networks in Bahrain and Kuwait, and burned the Saudi embassy is now honorable … This is the scheme Qatar has decided to follow.”

“Congratulations on Iran and with God’s will, you will soon regret it,” added Kattan speaking to Qatar.

The ambassador also said that the former Qatari Emir’s call with Muammar Gaddafi only serves to confirm Qatar’s conspiracy against Arab states.

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Similarly, Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, said that the Qatari delegate’s statements are unacceptable offense. The minister expressed that Doha continues to support terrorism and destabilize the region’s countries.

He continued saying: “We all know Qatar’s history in supporting terrorism, funding and financing extremist elements in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Egypt. As a result, Egypt lots many of its people.”

In light of that statement, the minister said that Egypt continues to maintain its interests and defend its citizens.

“We are nations with a 7,000-year-old history. When we talk, we talk about facts, and when we act, we act responsibly,” added Shoukry.

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