Human rights meetings expose Qatar’s violations

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A joint delegation from the Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain and the World Campaign against Qatar’s Financing of Terrorism held a number of meetings on the sidelines of the 36th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The joint delegation included the head of The Arab Organization for Human Rights in UK, Abdulrahman Nofal Reyes, Ayman Al-Sabbagh and Iskandar Lomika from the Board of Directors of the global campaign to combat Qatar’s financing of terrorism, along with a number of international human rights organizations.

The most meetings focused on the prominent types of violations practiced by the regime in Doha, despite the lies made by the Qatari Foreign Minister regarding the status of human rights in Qatar.

The delegation noted that Qatar dedicates millions of dollars to human rights organizations to enhance its distorted image.

The delegation also reviewed the issue of detentions in Qatar, especially in the case of pilgrims who returned from Saudi Arabia after performing Hajj, the withdrawal of nationalities from some Qatari families, and the ill-treatment of foreign workers, with regards to unequal pay.

The meetings emphasised various evidences that Qatar is funding terrorist groups, such as The Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and other terrorist groups.

The joint delegation called on the international human rights organizations and figures to take into consideration these findings to stop the violations practiced by the Qatari regime.

The delegation highlighted the lies made by Qatar's Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani during his speech today at the opening of the 36th Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.