Qatar’s Sheikh Abdullah to Al Arabiya: Silence is a failure toward our homeland

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In an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya News Channel on Sunday, Qatar’s Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al-Thani said that any silence regarding the crisis represents a “failure toward our homeland and people”.

Al-Thani spoke to Al Arabiya hours after initiating a call toward the people of Qatar to unite in a national meeting with him aimed at finding a solution to the ongoing crisis.


Below is the full transcript of the conversation between Al Arabiya News Anchor Sohaib Charair and Qatar’s Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al-Thani:

Al Arabiya: Your Highness, first of all let us ask you regarding your invitation for a meeting after your previous appreciated efforts. Your Highness, what is expected after you have initiated this call?

Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al-Thani: First of all, Thank God I am serving my family and my country, and the facilitating of their affairs firstly because of God and secondly to King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

I’ve seen how the situation has reached its current status and we can see how the silence has become a failure toward our homeland and our people. Our role today is to become supportive and helpful for all the good that comes to our country. We are working with the faithful men of Qatar to play our roles and take up the responsibility toward this crisis.

We are looking for the solution through all the mediums possible. And we are confident that the leaders of the brotherly countries will not be late in standing with us.

I thank God that the reception I’ve received in the past period has been significant and I found from them the concern, seriousness and will to solve this crisis and spare our country from harm. We seek to unify the strength of the Gulf cooperation. God willing, all things will be good in the end.

Al Arabiya: Your Highness Sheikh Abdullah, this brings me to my next question: Have you reached our or received any calls from members of Qatar’s ruling family or from other figures?

Al-Thani: Yes, there has been communication between us and it has not been disconnected. The response has been good, and I felt their concern to reach a solution toward this crisis at the soonest possible to spare us and our brotherly countries from dangers.

Al Arabiya: Your Highness Sheikh Abdullah, one final question: Now that two hours has passed since you released the statement and the call you have initiated, have you received any messages or answers yet?

Al-Thani: As I’m directly communicating with several members of the ruling family and prominent figures among the ruling family, yes there has been a response and a number of them have welcomed my call and are heavily requesting them. However, many of them want to remain anonymous for the time being except for the brother Sheikh Mubarak bin Khalifa bin Saud bin Thani Al-Thani, who contacted me moments ago and agreed that he be named publicly and he strongly welcomed it. From me, he has my thanks.

In the statement, I left my contact and e-mail details for those who want to communicate with me. What is important is that we succeed in role in a national sense of the first degree. As I said, we will not publish any names unless with their express permission. And God is the supporter.

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