Saudi Arabia dismantles ISIS cell in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia has dismantled an ISIS cell in the capital Riyadh, on Thursday, citing a statement from the newly-created Presidency of State Security.

Saudi security forces had killed two members of the cell, arrested five others and raided three locations.

An ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up in Al-Rimal neighborhood in Riyadh, according to the statement.

THUMBNAIL_ السعودية تفكك خلية لداعش في الرياض وتعتقل 5 من أفرادها

THUMBNAIL_ السعودية تفكك خلية لداعش في الرياض وتعتقل 5 من أفرادها

The statement also said that a gunman who had refused to surrender to the security forces had been killed.

Saudi security forces seized in the operation Kalashnikov rifles, live ammunition and chemicals used in the manufacture of explosives.


The raids targeted three sites belonging to the ISIS cell, one in the neighborhood of Al Rimal east of the city of Riyadh, where a factory to manufacture explosive belts and devices was found, reported Saudi Press Agency.

A suicide bomber detonated himself by an explosive belt when trapped in the area.

The second location is a residential apartment located in the Nimar neighborhood, west of Riyadh.

The security forces killed an armed terrorist in the apartment after he refused to surrender. The safety of all the residents and the armed forces were secured.

The third location is a stable for horses Located in the neighborhood of Al-Ghanamiya in the suburb of Al-Ha'ir, south of Riyadh.

The cell used it for meetings and planning their terrorist activities. The names of the five members of the cell will not be disclosed at the present time.

Containers of distilled water, inflammable liquids and heavy iron molds used to assemble explosives were also found, the statement added.

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