Houthis slam Saleh over threats to end alliance

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Houthi militias responded to Ali Abdullah Saleh’s threats by ending their partnership with him and accused him of obstructing work signifying that disputes between them have reached their peak following months of escalation.

Saleh al-Sammad, who heads the Houthi-led Supreme Political Council, slammed the unrecognized government which the rebels formed after staging the coup and asked: “What partnership do you speak of when you are the ones obstructing the role of the political council and the government?”

“We, too, are not honored to (respect) a sham responsibility where we’re incapable of fixing the simplest problems,” Sammad said according to a statement published by Houthi media outlets on Wednesday evening.

Sammad also criticized Saleh’s party and held it responsible for obstructing work and for not respecting mutual agreements. He also criticized the attack of the parliament, which supports Saleh, against them.

Will Saleh give up on Houthis?

Commenting on the case of the health minister who is affiliated with Saleh’s party and whom the Houthis expelled from the rebels’ government, Sammad said he eliminated all their supporters from the ministry and had “suspicious activity with international organizations and held suspicious meetings with them in his house.”

He also criticized the foreign minister of the rebels’ government and accused him of reaching “sovereign agreements with several parties in order to make unilateral agreements.” However, he did not elaborate any further.

This exchange of accusations between Saleh and the Houthis is the most significant development ever since they became allies in the end of 2014. Tensions between them began to surface in August this year when armed clashes erupted between them in Sanaa lead to the death and injury of members from both sides.

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