Report: Saudi Crown Prince crackdown on graft nets top businessman

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A Saudi news report said that under the orders of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, a well-known businessman was arrested for evading justice and the judicial sentences passed against him. The judge had ordered his arrest and imprisonment against claims of a huge amount of debt.

Sabq website stated that another senior official in the Eastern Province was also arrested. the official was detained on charges of communicating with the accused businessman and contributing to the delay of his sentence execution.

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The site added that specialists were assigned to evaluate his property in preparation for an auction to sell and pay off debts, the most famous of his assets is a hospital.

Although there are no further details about the huge amount of money that needs to be paid, twitter users contemplated the value of his companies, the delayed payment of workers’ salaries and financial assets, which could amount to about $ 3 billion, although this is not officially confirmed.

The website quoted a source as confirming that the authorities received orders to implement justice and judicial rulings and hold accountable anyone who obstructs the course of the judiciary.


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