Asiri: The Arab coalition has maintained the identity of the Yemeni state

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Ahmed Asiri, deputy head of general intelligence in Saudi Arabia, confirmed that the coalition which supports the legitimacy in Yemen has contributed to maintain the factors and identity of the Yemeni state, and this is clearly demonstrated by enabling the legitimate government to communicate with the international community through its embassies around the world.

During the meeting, which gathered international parties interested in humanitarian assistance under the sponsorship of the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid, which was held on Saturday, in Riyadh, Asiri stressed the importance of holding a workshop at for the specialists and executives to be put detailed plans plans to improve the performance of relief and humanitarian work in Yemen, addressing shortages in all aspects, whether people working within Yemen or the mechanisms and procedures used to deliver aid to all Yemeni governorates and follow up the disbursements of funds provided by States and international donors, pointing out that Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries fulfilled their financial obligations.


Asiri stressed the need to use the exact terms when writing reports submitted to the UN and the Security Council.

He refused to name the transfer of people from Africa across Yemen to the Saudi border as “The generosity of the Yemeni people towards the Africans” but the correct term is “Buying and selling people.”

Asiri stressed that we should call those who are now in Sana'a after they were kidnapped in Yemen by the officials, as coups involved in crimes and tragedies that happened to the Yemeni people.

He said that the term “siege” is inaccurate, as what is being implemented is “international inspection procedures” to ensure that all parties in Yemen do not conduct arms smuggling and prolong the war.

He called on all humanitarian organizations to deal with the Yemeni crisis on the basis of Yemen as one entity, pointing out that Saudi Arabia is still paying the budget of operating Al-Salam hospital in Se’ada, which is the source of attacks on the Saudi borders; because of the alliance's belief that all the Yemeni citizens are victims of the coup and there should be no discrimination between the Yemeni people.

Asiri also called on the international community to contribute in finding a political solution to the Yemeni crisis through the UN envoy, which will put an end to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

He urged the international community not to limit the crisis in Yemen to the humanitarian situation without considering the real reasons that led to this humanitarian crisis, clarifying that what is facing Yemen today is the result of a coup by the armed militias, which sought to divide the state and violate the sovereignty of the state and implement Iran's project in the region.

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