Yemen strikes kill 50 Houthi militiamen and several commanders

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The Saudi-led Arab coalition fighting to restore legitimacy in Yemen launched 12 air strikes on Hajjah on Tuesday, targeting a Houthi military camp, leaving 50 militiamen dead.

The coalition also launched intensive raids on the Al-Delmi base north of Sanaa, while a strike on Hran killed 17 Houthi leaders. Progressive

According to local sources, September.net said that it is believed president of the coupists political council Saleh Ali al-Sammad, is among the deceased.

The sources confirmed that Sammad had left Al Hadidah province on Monday to Hajjah.

His departure comes one day after the Arab coalition announced financial rewards for information on a list of 40 Houthi leaders wanted for terrorism. Sammad is second on the list after rebel leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi.

On Tuesday evening, the Yemeni army said that 11 elements allied to Houthi and ousted Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh leading forces died during battle east of Sanaa.

The army’s official website has published the names of the slain leaders.

The website confirmed that among the deceased were specialists in explosives, missiles and land mines.

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