Houthis bomb Taiz, hit children and displace dozens of families

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According to medical sources in Taiz, southwestern Yemen, ten people including children, were wounded by bombings shot by the Houthi and Saleh’s militia, targeting the villages west of the city.

The sources pointed out that among the injured were four children, some are seriously wounded, as a result of bombing residential villages in Al-Asharouh and Beni Bakari, Azlet Elyaman and Kuweyha located in the western area of Jabal Habashi, west of the city of Taiz.


In the same district, the coup militias forced 65 families from the lower Al Quoz village to leave their homes by force at gunpoint.

Families of forcibly displaced persons reported that Houthi militias had spread mines in the village to force the residents out.

They confirmed that during the departure of the displaced families, on Thursday, a mine exploded, and injured two girls.

During the past two months, the Houthi militias forced the villagers of Khor, Hamili, Khalwa, Mat’a and Tibsha'a by isolating Alwafi region, adding to their bloody and criminal records thousands of displaced and distressed families.

The Center for Human Rights in Taiz (non-governmental) condemned the systematic forced displacement of the Houthi and Saleh’s militias against the besieged Yemeni people.

It also condemned the act of implanting thousands of mines in the roads used by unarmed citizens in these villages describing the act as an atrocious war crime

The center called upon the international community to break its shameful silence and to stand up against human rights violators and war criminals to prevent further crimes against civilians in Taiz and Yemen as a whole.

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