Al-Khalifa: Self-denial does not exist in Lebanese politics

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Bahrain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa warned that “self-denial” does not exist in Lebanese politics in Tweet on Friday.

Minister al-Khalifa tweeted that Lebanon’s talk about its commitment to the policy is mere media talk.

“In Lebanese politics "self-denial" does not exist and is nothing more than media talk," he said in his official Twitter account.

“The terrorist who fights abroad, trains and arms them in our countries is the same one who sits on the chairs of the government and controls the decisions and policies of the Lebanese state," he said in reference to Hezbollah.

He stressed that "whoever is pointing fingers claiming that countries that support the stability of Lebanon are responsible for detaining and kidnapping are the ones who sit with the kidnapped and detained as well as the master of terrorists who he shares a government with." In reference statements made by Lebanese President Michel Aoun who claimed that Saad al-Hariri was detained in Saudi Arabia.

Sheikh Khalid also pointed out that "those who attend the Cairo meeting and do not see the imminent threat from Iran and its followers, which aims to spread sectarianism, divisions and the overthrow of states, is blind or in denial which is dangerous and unjustified."

Bahrain said on Wednesday it had arrested one of the perpetrators of the terrorist attack on a police bus last month. Bahraini authorities revealed that those involved in the attack are linked to a terrorist cell belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Authorities in Manama also confirmed that a number of wanted terrorists were in Iran.

Meanwhile, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said on Thursday that the Kingdom has had enough of Iran's hostile actions in the region. He said that Saudi Arabia was responding to Iran's "hostile" behavior in Lebanon and Yemen. "The way I look at the matter, I found that the Iranians are acting in a hostile way," he said.