Yemeni army moving toward Arhab under air-cover from coalition

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Al Arabiya’s correspondent in Yemen reported that the legitimate forces are moving towards the Directorate of Arhab after taking control of nearly ninety percent of the Directorate of Nahm.

The latest progress was accompanied by other progression towards the Directorate of Erb in Sanaa towards Qutbin, Bani Mohammed and Masura amid major engineering effort to the construction of mountain roads and de-mining.


The national army advanced towards al-’Arqat, al-Madfoun, Qudah and Da’a in the direction of the Khawlan and Bani Hashish, to join the fronts towards Nqail Ben Ghilan - the most important goals before reaching the heart of Sanaa.

The progress came under a heavy air cover of the coalition’s support for the legitimacy and artillery shelling of the coalition and national army.

In similar context, Yemeni sources reported that Houthi militias kidnapped about 12 civilians from the Directorate of Arhab, north of Sanaa, and blew up three houses.

The sources added that the Houthis attacked several villages in the Directorate, including Beit al-Hafn, Arshan and al-Ghula and launched raids on homes.

These developments come in light of the progress of the National Army in Nahm, which became the outskirts of the Directorate of welcome.

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