Riyadh police capture man with cleaver after botched attempt to kidnap children

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A spokesman for the Riyadh police in Saudi Arabia has spoken to Al Arabiya about a video that surfaced on social media platforms showing a man carrying a weapon attempting to kidnap two children. He fled the scene to an unknown location after failing to complete his malicious intent.

The video clip caused a stir and the Minister of Interior ordered that the perpetrators of the crime be arrested and brought to justice.

Despite the lack of information, continuous efforts by security agencies helped solve the case. Specialists at Riyadh’s Criminal Evidence Department managed to find a lead to reach the man in the video.

The father of the two children said that his kids were at the grocery store when they saw the offender and noticed that he was following them. They hurried back to the house and knocked on the door.


A black car approached the passageway and the man came out with the cleaver and returned to his car before running away.

The father said that the second person accompanying him did not come out of the car or take part, and that his behavior seemed abnormal or under the influence of drugs.

The target of the perpetrator was likely to be theft, because the children had mobile phones, he added.

"We have been living in this neighborhood for 45 years, and different nationalities joined us, but our neighbors are the same" said the father.

Working round-the-clock, police were able to identify three suspects. The suspects are Saudi and are in their 30s and 40s. According to the source, the police setup an ambush which the culprits fell for, after which they provided a lead on the missing vehicle seen in the video.

المتهمون الثلاثة بعد القبض عليهم
المتهمون الثلاثة بعد القبض عليهم

Upon locating it, police were able to find the weapon, a cleaver, alongside a bottle holding some alcoholic substance. The suspects also confessed that they stole the vehicle in question by force and assaulted pedestrians to steal their personal belongings and any money they possessed.

All the suspects have been under arrest and investigations continue. Necessary prosecutions will also be carried out according to the jurisdiction. Meanwhile, Riyadh police has emphasized the Ministry of Interior’s keenness to maintain the security of citizens and their property.

The security forces will do whatever they can to stop anyone who wishes to tamper with the community’s security, safety and stability, they added.

الساطور المستخدم في الجريمة
الساطور المستخدم في الجريمة
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