Arab coalition spokesperson: Iran-made missiles are a serious threat in region

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The spokesman of the coalition forces in Yemen, Colonel Turki al-Malki, stated on Tuesday afternoon, 19 December 2017, that the Iran-made ballistic missiles pose a serious threat to the region and must be controlled.

Al-Maliki said that the Saudi Royal Air Defense forces monitored and intercepted a ballistic missile launched from Yemen towards Saudi territory, according to Saudi News Agency.

He said that the missile was aimed at populated residential areas in the Riyadh, and was effectively intercepted and destroyed south of the city without causing any losses.

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The coalition spokesperson said that terrorist organizations, including the Houthi armed militia supported by Iran, form a threat to regional and international security, and that their targeting of populated cities is a breach of international humanitarian law.

He stressed that the continuous targeting of cities with ballistic missiles is a clear evidence of Iran’s persistent support of Houthi militias.

According to Col. al-Malki, the smuggling of Iranian missiles into Yemen in all forms and by all means, is a clear violation of relevant United Nations resolutions.

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