Yemeni army liberates key areas in Sanaa, 53 Houthis dead

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The Yemeni army with the support of the Saudi-led Arab coalition made new field gains by liberating more sites in the Directorate of Naham east of the capital Sanaa on Saturday, following fierce battles with the Houthi militia.

The spokesman of the seventh military zone, Colonel Abdullah al-Shandaqi, said that the army forces managed to liberate the mountains of Dahshush, Jabal al-Tafaha, Tabat al-Qanaseen and Jabal al-Mashna.

In a statement, the army said that the fighting killed more than 28 Houthi militias and wounded dozens.

Earlier on Saturday, the Arab Coalition forces targeted an armed group of Houthis in the Directorate of Arhab north of Sanaa, killing at least 25 Houthi gunmen and wounding dozens.

Colonel al-Shandaqi said that an Arab coalition aircraft launched several raids on Houthi militia checkpoints, where five Houthis were killed, as well as two vehicles and a number of heavy and medium caliber bullets that were destroyed.

He added that the fighting still continues in light of the retreat of the militia towards the capital Sanaa.

According to a field source, the liberation of Tabat al-Qanaseen on Saturday came after a five day siege.

He pointed out that the process of controlling the area came after great difficulties as the militia had planted thousands of mines and improvised explosive devices, which are controlled remotely.