Houthi female government official defects and exposes militia’s violations

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In an exclusive interview with an Al Arabiya reporter, former undersecretary of the Houthi Ministry of Youth and Sports, Noura al-Jarwi, said that she resorted to joining the legitimate government after facing several violations committed by the militia in Sanaa.

After her arrival in the areas liberated by the Yemeni army weeks ago, Jarwi became a member of the permanent committee of the General People’s Congress (GPC) and the head of women’s protests that demanded the return of the body of slain former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Jarwi added that Houthi violations increased after they executed several GPC leaders and former President Saleh, pointing out that more than 2,000 members of the GPC party were killed by the militia, while more than 3,000 others are imprisoned.

Jarwi called on all GPC members including the Republican Guard, men and women to join the Yemeni army and Arab Coalition, and take a stand to eliminate the Houthi militia from Yemen.

She added that she is hoping for a resistance movement to be formed inside Sanaa specifically in order to finally liberate it.

A former commander of the Special Security Forces and prominent sheikh in the Yemeni al-Hada tribe, Fadl al-Qosi, also announced that he has joined the legitimacy forces.

After being kidnapped and placed under house arrest in al-Hada south of Sanaa for several days by the Houthi militia, al-Qosi was able to escape to Marib on Saturday.

Upon his arrival to Marib, al-Qosi announced his support of the Yemeni army and the Arab Coalition, and his willingness to fight the Houthis alongside them.

The source also added that 22 Houthi brigades surrendered themselves to legitimacy forces in Bihan, after the Yemeni army increased missile attacks from Shabwa to Bihan where the militia is headquartered.

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