WATCH: How Saudi women will attend their first league match in Jeddah

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For the first time on January 12 the King Abdullah Sport City stadium will open its doors for Saudi women to attend the Saudi professional League game scheduled between Al Ahli club of Jeddah and al- Batin.

Images released on Twitter show the preparations ahead of the league game on Friday where signage was placed showing the women’s entrance and even including a women’s smoking section.

A special section has been assigned for women who smoke according to the images released.

The photos published by @3adad, an account and website that covers real-estate and construction projects in Jeddah, showed that the fifth level of the stadium, also known as the Jewel, will be dedicated to women and families.

“The fifth floor of the stadium was completely dedicated to women. The gate entrance number 5 and the parking near it were also dedicated to families,” said Mohammed Al-Shalaibi, director of 3adad.net, in a Twitter video.

On the measures of isolating families from men, Al-Shalaibi pointed to the allocation of the fifth (and last) row of the stadium to families, and the existence of solid metal bars separating families from men.

Al-Shabaili revealed that women have been recruited and hired to organize the crowds in the family section, along with a designated area for ladies to smoke in as well as private bathrooms.

Families are expected to attend the Saudi derby match between al-Hilal and al-Ittihad on Saturday January 13th in the capital at the King Fahad International Stadium in Riyadh, which had already opened its doors for women for the first time during National Day celebrations.