Saudi Arabia begins trial of twins who brutally murdered their family

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A criminal court in Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh began on Tuesday the trial of twin brothers who killed their mother and fled the scene of the crime with stolen cars.

The two brothers killed their father, stabbed their third brother in the Hamra neighborhood of Riyadh in in June 24, 2016. Police were able to arrest the two shortly after their crime.

The two defendants were charged with the crimes they have committed on Tuesday morning and reportedly appeared confused and afraid in court. They were charged with extremism, and atoning against the country’s rulers, the police forces and scholars through their actions.

In addition to these crimes, they have also been charged with murder. One of the brothers executed his mother with the help of his twin brother while they lured her into one of the rooms in the house they all lived in Riyadh. The second defendant held her forcibly from her back and put his left hand on her mouth to muffle her screams. She was stabbed in various places of her body until she finally fell to the ground. Evidence proves so far that their crime was premeditated since the murder weapons were already in place.

The first defendant is also charged with murdering his third brother and killing him with the help of his twin. The twin attacked their brother with a cleaver in an attack police said was premeditated.

Both brothers said they committed the murders as the believed their “family had become infidels”.

They also said that their father “was an infidel” and attacked him with several blows to his head and hands.

The two defendants are also charged with stealing two cars to escape, one belonging to the Almarai Company while the other belonged to a citizen.