Saudi court begins trial of ISIS member who killed his cousin

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Saudi Arabia’s Specialized Criminal Court is commencing the trial of the man accused of murdering his cousin. The crime shook the kingdom as it was videotaped, and the man’s cousin is seen begging for him not to kill him, repeatedly screaming “enough Saad”. The case also caused outrage as it took place on the first day of Eid al-Adha in 2014.

Abdul Aziz bin Batel, a lawyer and legal adviser, told Al Arabiya that what the criminal did is a sign of cruelty and corruption in the land, where he purposefully killed a tied up, innocent soul.

Batel said that according to judiciary laws, he who betrays and kills a person who entrusted him should be sentenced to death, with no punishment or amnesty to be accepted by any means.

The General Authority of the Supreme Court studied the case to find the most fitting punishment, and found that sentencing the killer to death is what is fair as he also committed other crimes like videotaping the murder, sharing it ondifferent platforms proudly, intimidating people and announcing his loyalty to foreign parties, disobeying and denying his allegiance to the kingdom’s ruler.

Al-Batel added that each of these crimes that he has committed has its own penalty, but the death penalty will cover them all. Despite these written laws, Saudi Arabia granted the right to defend himself or delegate someone to do so.

They also gave him the ultimate judicial guarantee of justice as the criminal will face three judicial levels after all the evidence is collected from investigations, the hearing of the statements of all those involved, and the examination of the evidence by the public prosecutor.

The Interior Ministry had revealed the details of the case at the time of the crime and death of the man in the video, Madous Fayez Ayyash al-Enezi. Al-Enezi was taken on the day of Eid al-Adha by his cousins who resided in the province of al-Shamli in Hail.

In the same year, the killers committed two other crimes, the first was killing two citizens at the Amair bin Sanaa police station, and the second was shooting a sergeant, Abdulelah al-Rashidi in the al-Shamli province traffic department.

The Interior Ministry declared that based on the information provided to them by security forces through rapid and extensive security sweeps they carried out, the criminals were found in a mountainous area in a village in al-Shamli. They were surrounded and asked to turn themselves in, to which they responded by opening fire at the security forces.

The gunfire exchange resulted in the death of the man who was behind the camera, and injury of his brother the killer who was then arrested. A security officer was killed in the exchange as well.

This video was shared on the social media in a wave of public anger at the way the killing took place, and the betrayal of the killer to cousin. This came in light of several terrorist groups pushing their followers to kill any of their family members who were part of any security force as part of their jihad.