Picture emerges of alleged killer of Saudi preacher Tuwaijri in Guinea

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Al Arabiya.net communicated with a journalist in Guinea to know more about Moussa Kante, the man who allegedly shot and killed Saudi Sheikh Abdul Muhsin Al-Tuwaijri in the village of Kantebalandougou in Guinea on Tuesday and acquired his photo.

Initial reports about Kante said he was 17 years and that he was arrested on Wednesday. However after communicating with Mamadou Hawa Keita, a senior editor at the news website Aminata.com in Guinea, Al Arabiya learnt that he was 27 years old and he was arrested on Thursday.

التويجري الذي أثار وجوده الدعوي حفيظة الوثنيين بالقرية،  يلقي محاضرته التي لم ترق لهم أيضا
التويجري الذي أثار وجوده الدعوي حفيظة الوثنيين بالقرية، يلقي محاضرته التي لم ترق لهم أيضا

Keita conveyed information which he attained from Seydou Kante, an administrative official from the area where the crime happened. According to Keita, Kante is married and he is a father of two.

Kante spent his childhood and teenage years in the Ivory Coast and he returned to the town six years ago, Keita said, adding that he moved between the capital Conakry and neighboring Sierra Leone.

The suspect does not have any social media accounts and there are no photos of him on the internet. According to Keita, he is a pagan like some of the villagers.

Eyewitnesses saw Kante carrying a hunting rifle and passing through the same road which Tuwaijri passed through after performing evening prayers and delivering a lecture at the mosque in the village.

Tuwaijri’s lectures and presence seem to have upset some pagans in the village so four of them decided to lurk for Tuwaijri after he leaves the mosque. Kante came across him as Tuwaijri was heading towards his car to go to Siguiri. He opened fire towards him and killed him and seriously injured the Moto-Taxi driver.

Police arrested Kante on Thursday night after they were certain he was the murderer.