Top Republican fundraiser accuses ‘Qatar agents' of hacking his email

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A top Republican Party fundraiser has accused agents of Qatar of hacking his personal email in recent days.

The fundraiser in question, Elliott Broidy, is a national deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee. He alleges that his email was hacked and at least three sets of documents were taken and distributed to US media outlets.

In a letter to Qatar’s ambassador to the United States, Broidy alleges that Qatar paid foreign agents “under the table”.

“I and people working in my employ have discovered the identities of the US citizen and foreign actors your government hired and directed in these operations,” Broidy said in the letter.

“Your agents boldly moved funds through illicit channels, front entities, and employed unregistered sub-hires. The activities of your agents, their handlers, and your government will trigger numerous law enforcement authorities as well as defense and intelligence community obligations,” he added.

Broidy has supported the isolation of Qatar based on the accusation against it of destabilizing the Middle East over its support and financing of terrorist groups in the region.

As a reaction, Doha is accused of orchestrating a campaign against Broidy, including fabricating documents about him, illegally obtaining selected personal emails and passing them without expressed permission to several journalists at multiple news organizations in a coordinated attempt to discredit him.

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