Yemeni army liberates large areas in Al-Jawf

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The Yemeni army liberated large areas of Bart Al Anan District in Al-Jawf governorate, northeast of Yemen.

Brigadier General Mansour Thawbu said that Yemeni forces, aided by the Arab coalition air force, managed to liberate around 15 kilometers in Bart Al Anan and reached the area of Burum, south of the strategic Taybat al-Ism camp in northeast Al-Jawf.

Yemeni forces now besiege the camp from all sides, he said, adding that militias use this camp to gather their fighters and reinforcements which arrive from Saada and other areas as the camp is between Saada, the Houthis’ stronghold, and Al-Jawf.

He added that the military operation which was launched Sunday will go on until the camp is liberated and until they cut the Houthis’ route of supplies in Al-Thahra and Wadi al-Quaif.

According to the Yemeni army’s media center, the Arab coalition aided Yemeni forces by shelling Houthi reinforcements across Al-Jawf inflicting casualties.

The army also seized heavy and light weapons and an M55 tank from the Houthi fighters who fled.

The Yemeni army now controls more than 85% of Al-Jawf and it aims to fully liberate it to open a new front towards the Houthis’ main stronghold in Saada and to advance north towards Amran, Sanaa’s northern gate.

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