WATCH: Brother of Egyptian man killed by Houthi missile attack speaks out

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Following a Houthi attack involving seven ballistic missiles targeting civilian areas in Saudi Arabia that lead to the death of an Egyptian man in Riyadh, initial information obtained by Al Arabiya from members of the Egyptian community revealed that the victim’s name is Abdelmontaleb Ahmed Ali, and is originally from upper Egypt and works in contracting in the kingdom.

Al Arabiya spoke to the victim’s brother, Mohamed, who was also in the apartment with Abdelmontaleb when the incident occured, where he said that they could not figure out what was going on due to the sudden severe smoke and dust that filled their room.

He added that Abdelmontaleb, 39, was sitting closest to where the shrapnel hit, which caused his death, while Mohamed himself suffered several injuries and was rushed to hospital.

“It was a powerful rocket, but God is great,” Mohamed said.

Abdelmontaleb lived with his brother and another Egyptian colleague in a room on the top floor of the property where the Houthi missile hit. Mohamed said that he had been working in Saudi Arabia for a year and a half and had a son and a daughter.

Al Arabiya was able to take a video of the room, where debris and wreckage is shown with a gaping hole in the ceiling.

Meanwhile, an Arabic hashtag, ‘Egyptian Martyr Abdelmontaleb’, has been used widely on social media to commemorate the death of the Egyptian father who lost his life, and condemn the actions of the Houthi milita.

The shrapnel was a result of the Saudi forces’ successful interception of the Houthi missiles.

Security forces and other concerned entities investigated the site immediately, among others, following the blast, and evacuated the building while removing Abdelmontaleb’s body. They also escorted the two other men to the hospital.

Sources confirm that things are back to normal in the Riyadh neighborhood.