Council of Iranian Democrats condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

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A coalition of various Iranian political groups called the Iranian Democrats Council condemned the Houthi militia’s ballistic missiles attack targeting major cities in Saudi Arabia, including Riyadh.

The council said that this is a blatant act to destabilize the region, and held authorities in Tehran accountable for it.


The council, which includes several Iranian opposition parties, released a statement saying that, “the Iranian regime supplying the Houthis with ballistic missiles raises tensions and destabilizes the security of the region.”

“For years, the Islamic republic’s government in Iran has blamed others with conspiring to wage war against them, while at the same time being directly involved with provoking wars in the region through various agents in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen,” the statement added.

The council said that the Iranian government’s support of the Houthi militia by providing them with weaponry to attack other nations opposes the benefit of the Iranian people. They stressed that the militia should not be solely to blame for the attacks, as Iran has been their main supporter and supplier of weapons.

The Iranian Democrats Council, which is the umbrella coalition of the Iranian opposition that includes organizations and parties from different regions inside and outside Iran, called on all concerned countries top “take caution” from Iran’s pro-war policies.

The statement was signed by all parties involved, including the Democratic Solidarity Party of Ahwaz, the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the National Democratic Front.

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