What Egypt’s Azhar and Christian leaders said about the Saudi crown prince

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Al-Azhar Coptic Christian leaders in Egypt told Al Arabiya.net that during his visit to Egypt, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was direct, clear and frank.

They noted that he discussed his vision, as well as the kingdom’s vision, to spread religious tolerance, moderation and combat extremist ideologies which the region has suffered from for years very precisely.

The leaders also highlighted the crown prince’s clear statements, which they said reflected his vast knowledge. It also reflected his “accurate and insightful vision of the religion, its future and solutions to its problems,” they added.

“The crown prince provided great support to the role which al-Azhar is playing to confront the threats against the Arab and Muslim world,” Mohieddin Afifi, the Secretary General of al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy, who met the crown prince during his visit, told Al Arabiya.net.

He also said that the crown prince’s visit to the church in Egypt sent a clear and significant message about religious tolerance, accepting others and religious pluralism while voicing rejection of extremism against people who believe in different religions.

Head of Shubra al-Kheima diocese Bishop Marcos who also met with the crown prince told Al Arabiya.net that the latter’s visit to the cathedral conveyed a message of peace, co-existence and brotherhood among religions.

He added that the crown prince’s visit to the church and his meeting with Pope Tawadros strengthened his steps towards reform and strengthened the spirit of brotherhood among religions and cultures.

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He also said that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is an inspirational leader who’s working towards achieving political and economic reforms that change the face of the region and achieve people’s welfare.

The pope continued saying that his support for the crown prince’s measures stem from their ability to contribute towards defusing extremism and terrorism.

“We, like our Saudi brothers, are proud there is an inspirational leader like the young prince as he is worthy of respect and appreciation because he seeks to achieve his people’s and the nation’s interests. We hope all his steps are crowned with success,” he added.

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