Yemen: 20 Arab coalition raids target Houthi sites in Saada, al-Baida

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The coalition aircrafts carried out more than 20 strikes on positions controlled by the Houthi militias in the governorates of Saada, Jouf and al-Baida.

The military sources told Al Arabiya that the coalition fighters launched their first raids on Saada and targeted the Houthi positions in Al-Malahidhs, Al-Baqa'e and Baqam Directorate.

The fighter jets also targeted Jabal Al-Dahra and Wadi Al-Q’aif in Al-Jawf.

Dozens of Houthi militia members were killed and wounded during a bombardment of the central security headquarters in the city of al-Baidah, where militias have made it a gathering point to support and reinforce their forces in the province.

The Yemeni Legitimate Forces continued to support the coalition forces to clamp down on the main stronghold of the Houthi militias in Saada governorate on four fronts, the most recent of which was the Malahidhs Front, where the Yemeni army regained its camp and strategic positions nearby.

The Yemeni forces are advancing towards Juma'a ibn Fadil, the center of the Dhaher district, on the road leading to the Maran Mountains. The importance of this progress lies in the fact that the Houthi militias are losing their main stronghold.

From the Kataf Front eastward to the Malahidhs Front in the west, the confrontations between the legitimate forces and the Houthi militia are escalating along the border areas north of the border province of Saada amid major progress of the National Army with the support of the Arab coalition air and land forces.

The Malahidhs Front saw three days of fighting, during which the National Army regained control of the Camp site and strategic heights on the road to the Maran Mountains, one of the most important strongholds from which the Houthi insurgence movement was launched.

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