Saudi Crown Prince: Iran is the cause of problems in the Middle East

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In his interview with the US's Time magazine, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman referred to Iran as the source of all conflicts: “The Iranians, they’re the cause of problems in the Middle East, but they are not a big threat to Saudi Arabia. But if you don’t watch it, it could turn into a threat. They are the main cause of problems, but they are not a threat to Saudi Arabia.”

The crown prince explained: “The Iranian regime’s problem is that they hijack the country. They use the country’s assets for their own ideological sake. And they’ve seen that every day from ’79 to today, that they are spreading their ideology. Even in the United States of America. And when they do that, they think the hidden Imam will appear from hiding to rule the whole world: United States of America, Japan, the whole world.

Mohammed bin Salman noted that countries which were stable were spared the Iranian influence as opposed to the ones that were not: “They are doing that from ’79, and if you see any problem in the Middle East, you will find Iran. Iraq? Iran’s there. Yemen? Iran is there. Syria? Iran is there. Lebanon? Iran’s there. Where is the stable country? Egypt? Iran is not there. Sudan? Iran is not there. Jordan? Kuwait? Iran is not there. Bahrain? Iran is not there."

“And it’s not between Iran and Saudi Arabia. It’s between Iran and Saudi Arabia and UAE and Egypt and Kuwait and Bahrain and Yemen - a lot of countries around the world. So what we want to be sure of is that whatever they want to do, they do it within their borders. We drove them out of Africa heavily, more than 95 percent. Same thing goes for Asia. Same thing goes for Yemen,” he added.

So they’re almost pushed back inside Iran. We hope that the Iranian people and Iran as a nation have a better future without those leaders. And if that changes, of course, Iran will be close to us as it used to be before ’79. But if that doesn’t change, they can enjoy themselves for a very long time until they change.

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