WATCH: Two accidents in Riyadh involving careless drifter, gas cylinders and a hot pursuit

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Several civilians were involved in a car chase to try and stop a man who had several gas cylinders in his car and was driving recklessly in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

In a video shared on social media, one car was chasing the reckless driver who was driving in the opposite direction of a main road and endangering walking pedestrians. The car failed to catch the driver, which prompted other vehicles to join the chase and try to stop him.

The reckless driver is then seen driving more dangerously, breaking red lights, driving into small alleyways and purposely driving into a few of the cars that were chasing him.

Ten minutes into the movie-like incident, the cars chasing the reckless driver managed to stop him. The driver was forced out of his car which was full of gas cylinders and was obviously in an abnormal state of mind. He tried to attack his chasers which prompted them to force him to lay down on the ground.

Riyadh witnessed another car-related incident on Thursday where a car and a truck were involved in a horrific accident as one of the drivers was carelessly drifting on a main road north of the capital.

The accident caused the injury of the passenger in the drifter’s car who was sitting in the front seat. In a video shared on Twitter, the vehicle is seen drifting dangerously on the road. The video also shows the moment when the driver lost control causing him to crash into a truck from the back.

Following the accident, the injured passenger fell out of the car, while the drifter was seen fleeing the scene.

In 2016 alone, car-related accidents killed more than 9,000 people in Saudi Arabia. The number of accidents have also increased by 2.8 compared to 2015, reaching 533,000. 38,000 injuries were reported, according to data of the General Authority for Statistics and the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.

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