VIDEO: Coalition strikes highlight Houthi inability to secure strongholds

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The skies of Sanaa lit up as the capital witnessed airstrikes from the Arab Coalition.

The launch precisely targeted Houthi military bases in Sanaa and other Houthi strongholds such as Jabal al Nahdein and several police headquarters. For the first time since the beginning of the war, the Ministry of interior was also directly targeted.


According to security forces, 33 senior Houthi personals were killed. Other reports state the death of Houthi interior minister Abdulhakim al Khaywani.

Meanwhile Houthi militias gathered prior to Saleh Ali Al-Sammad’s funeral, top leader in the Houthi political supreme council responsible for dismantling Yemeni tribes and spreading false rhetoric among the public. According to medical sources, 68 Houthi factions were killed in the strike.

The Arab coalition airstrikes highlighted a void in the Houthi’s security system as analysts say that informers on the field were working closely with alliance. Taking place a week after Sammad’s death, and just hours before his funeral, the strikes have left the Houthis in a state of paranoia. In fear of another popular people’s uprising, the militias have increased the number of thorough check-points across the capital Sanaa. Sources close to the Houthis also affirmed the existence of a conflict among themselves, between the tribes and the Hashemites.

Recent events in Sanaa are parallel with the current clashes in Saada on different fronts such al-Jouf and al-Baidaa province.

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