Yemeni army continues to advance, controls new sites in Saada

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Razih north-west of the province of Saada border saw during the past hours violent confrontations during which Yemen’s National Army supported by the Arab coalition air raids liberated several areas and heights and progressed towards the center of the Directorate.

A military source said the forces were able to regain control of the valley of Shu'ayb, Jabal Al-Azhar, and areas of Arib, and Azdn west of the Directorate of Razih.

The Arab Coalition launched several raids on the positions and fortifications of the coup militias in Ghammar area as well as mobile targets in the neighboring Minabah district.

Brigadier General Dhiyab al-Qabli, commander of the 143rd Brigade, said that the national army was approaching the stronghold of the rebel militias in the caves of Maran, adding that it was continuing to advance to liberate large areas north and west of Saada province.

He added: "The national army is only a few kilometers away from the caves of Maran and continues to tighten the grip on the militia on several fronts, especially north-west of Saada province where the military operations continue."

Earlier, the Yemeni military sources said that the army forces progressed towards the stronghold of the leader of the Houthis Abdulmalik al-Houthi in the Directorate of Maran in Saada province, adding that the forces are surrounding Saada, after the border guards managed to free eight strategic positions in Baq’e front.

The National Army forces continue their movement into the stronghold of the leader of the Houthi militias in the Directorate of Maran , which has been besieged from five directions, according to military sources.

The sources pointed out that the eight areas are Mqre'a, Al Maimana, Zahr Al Burkan, Al Maisara, Mashrou’e Al Maa, al Fareed and Tabat al Qanas.

The same sources confirmed that the National Army approached the command center of the coup operations in the Maran mountain, which is supervised by officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The sources said that these officers run military bases inside the caves and they contain warehouses for missiles and Iranian weapons.

On the other hand, the leader of the Houthi Brigade, Brigadier Sabri Abdul Karim Salimin, commander of the 2nd Brigade Border Guard in Saada, along with a number of his companions, were killed in a raid by the fighters of the coalition.

A number of militants were also killed in the area of Suh near the center of Kataf following a night trespass which was handled by the National Army.

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