Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim criticizes Qatar over stance on US withdrawal from nuclear deal

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Qatar’s Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim al-Thani has criticized Qatar over its stance following the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran.

“The Hamad regime’s alignment with Iran after the US withdrew from the nuclear deal proves that the Qatari authority is involving our people in a confused stance for the sake of Iranian interests. They’ve allowed Qatar to become a toy in the Iranian regime’s (hands),” Sheikh Sultan said in a tweet.

“Instead of standing with the Arab project to confront the Iranian threat, the Hamad regime stands with Iran against its neighbors. For how long will our country be hijacked for absurd interests?” he added.

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump announced that the US will withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran.

Direct concern

Commenting on Trump’s decision, Qatar’s foreign ministry said that like other Gulf countries, Qatar is not a party involved in the deal but given its geographic location and historical and political ties with the agreement’s parties, it is directly concerned with any repercussions of the decisions taken by these parties.

“Qatar asserts that the main priority is to empty the Middle East of nuclear weapons and prevent regional powers from engaging in in a nuclear arms race. Collective work within the international community framework is what guarantees stopping a possible nuclear arms race,” it added.

“It’s in all parties’ interest to act with restraint and deal wisely with the situation and attempt to resolve current disputes via dialogue,” the ministry also said.