A dust storm hits Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia’s Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) warned that there were waves of dust sweeping parts of the kingdom on Friday and Saturday.

The report said that active southern wind carrying dust will limit the horizontal vision, and lead to a near lack of horizontal vision in the areas of Tabuk and the northern border, Al Jouf, Hail, Qassim and Medina, as well as the northeastern parts of Mecca. The storm will also cause the temperature to rise.

The horizontal vision will be influenced by the dust on the coastal parts of Mecca to Jazan, and sporadic rains are expected at the northern border and on Asir and Jazan heights.

At the same time, weather experts warned that the region will be hit on Friday and Saturday by a wide-ranging dust storm and strong wind activity stirring dust, and called for taking precaution and delay travel and outdoor events.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Misnad, a professor of climate at Qassim University, tweeted that the weather conditions today and tomorrow will determine the criteria by which to name the storm depending on the physical strength and geographical spread.

He predicted that the active wind would blow, and that the scope of impact would include the northern, northwestern and middle parts of Saudi Arabia, and is expected to reach the Eastern province on Saturday.

Dr. Al-Misnad predicted that the deep dynamic Mediterranean airflow (998 millipars) would infiltrate the northeastern Saudi Arabian airspace on Friday night. The wind will be volatile, violent and dusty there.

The dust waves are expected to continue until the beginning of Ramadan, pointing out that the region will be affected by a large dust wave and a strong activity of winds, that could reach 90 km per hour.

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