UAE set to bear limited aftermath of Cyclone Mekunu

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Cyclone Mekunu, which devastated Yemen flooding villages and leaving 17 people missing, is likely to have some impact on the neighboring UAE over the weekend.

According to reports based on Meteorology Department inputs, indirect effects are expected in the form of continuous moist air mass. This is likely to enhance the chance of convective developments at times over the Eastern and Southern regions over the UAE, report said.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the National Center of Meteorology said that they are monitoring the tropical storm in the Arabian Sea. “The tropical cyclone (Mekunu) expected to intensify CAT2 during the upcoming 12 hours,” it said.

Oman coastline

The tropical cyclone over the Arabian Sea that is set to hit Oman’s coastline on Friday is expected to affect the weather in the UAE with rainy and thundery conditions.

“The weather change in the UAE is expected to start on Friday, with the activity of the southeastern wet wind, which may lead to rainy clouds and mild to moderate rainfall in different areas of Dubai,” Iman Al Falasi, head of Geodetic and Marine Survey Section, was quoted by Arabian Business as saying.

She recommended the need for caution for highways and seafarers to save lives and property, especially in areas close to the Oman border.

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