UAE minister Gargash slams Doha’s policy of ‘running around in circles’

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UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said that Qatar’s crisis has become a reality that’s easy to co-exist with due to Doha’s policy lack of wisdom and adoption of a policy to run around in circles.

“A western journalist told me that delegation of journalists is heading to Doha for paid vacations for Qatar’s celebrations of its one year anniversary since its isolation. The diplomacy of running around in circles did not end Qatar’s crisis because it did not resolve the causes and focused on the media and celebrations,” Gargash said on Tuesday on Twitter.

“What’s more important than these celebrations of one year of isolation and confusion and Gulf ‘resistance,’ is the absence of wisdom during the past year, until Qatar’s crisis became a reality that’s easy to co-exist with – a crisis that everyone ignored except those who will be in Qatar for the paid vacation,” he added.

Gargash also said that the lesson which Qatar must learn after a year of the boycott is to put its people’s interest before political ambitions that are “impossible” to achieve, adding that what’s important is to “gain one’s neighbor and surrounding” by not harming them.

“The moral is (simple) and direct, and anything else is a costly maze,” he added.

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