Saudi Attorney General says prosecutors to stand firm in cases of harassment

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Saudi Arabia’s Attorney General Sheikh Saud al-Mojeb has lauded the recent royal order to establishing a system to combat cases harassment derived from the provisions of the Islamic Sharia.

Mojeb said that the system came in light of the keenness of the Saudi government to protect members of society from the “shameful behavior that is far from Islamic teachings and moral values, and the protection of virtue and moral integrity required by law and system within the family, the working or public life to achieve security and tranquility within them and help increase legal cultural awareness among all segments of society”.

He also praised the efforts of the Ministry of Interior in preparing the integrated project and raising it during a short period of time to provide guarantees and social protection for all citizens and residents.

“That the public prosecution represented in the constituencies will stand firm in the face of all methods of harassment in the light of the provisions of the system,” a statement by Saudi Press Agency read. “In order to balance the right of the victim and the right to protect third parties from malicious complaints, which indicate that the same rules apply to the same penalties for the practice of harassment,” the statement added.

The Attorney General pointed out that he was appointed to form a working group to identify the provisions of the system and its implications and to adapt the criminal descriptions of the acts committed by it and identify the elements of the crime of harassment and mechanisms of action to achieve the enforcement of the system and its objectives.

“It also guarantees the right of the individual to preserve his or her dignity, privacy and personal and private freedom, as provided for in this regard, and guarantees the right of society to ensure that criminals do not escape punishment,” the statement read.

The Attorney General also pointed out that an intensive training program was adopted to deal with cases of harassment. It will be launched within days in all branches of the prosecution, in order to review the alleged investigation procedures in cases of harassment and work on unifying the working mechanisms to ensure effective and optimal implementation of the system in all districts.

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